Can You Give Me an Exact Cost Over the Phone?

Unfortunately there are too many variables with each job to be able to offer quotes over the phone. We need to inspect the site first before we can provide an accurate quote. Once this is done we are happy to discuss with you works required and give you a fixed price quote.

How Much Do Quotes Cost?

We are proud that we provide quotes free of charge and you are not obligated to use our services. We will conduct a walkthrough of the property and we will even check your plumbing system to make sure everything is working properly.

How is Causing my Drain to keep Blocking?

There are be many things that can cause a blocked drain, one is quilted toilet paper, which doesn’t break apart in the same way non-quilted toilet paper does. Animal litter can clog your drains, especially if you flush it down your toilet. Other causes includes solid food objects and foreign objects, which kids are usually responsible for.

How do I know if I Need New Taps?

Not necessarily. If your taps are difficult to turn on and off, then this may be due to various reasons. Sometimes they just need to be cleaned, but this really depends on how old they are and the tap’s quality. We always try to offer a range of pricing solutions and will let you know if repairs are an option.

What Happens When You Service a Tap?

There are three things that happen, with one being cleaning the seat and reseating it. We also pull the spindle apart and replace the ring. The third is installing a washer, but one that is typically more heavy duty than the older style of washers.

Is a New Cistern Necessary If My Toilet Leaks?

Generally all parts are of your cistern are. If plastic was used, then this will be more cost effective to replace. This depends on the make and how old it is. Unfortunately some cisterns are simply too old to be repaired and replacement is required.

Why is Water Constantly Dripping Into My Toilet Bowl?

If this is happening, it’s because the outlet valve needs to be replaced. It might just need to be serviced too. Also, the inlet valve can be the issue.

Is Dropped Jewelry Gone Forever?

There’s a chance it might be trapped underneath the sink. As long as you haven’t flushed too much water down the drain, it’s a safe bet that your jeweler isn’t gone forever and we might be able to retrieve it for you, but just be careful with the amount of water going down your drain if you dropped your jewelry in it.